Street-Smart Tips and Advice On Finding A Siding Contractor

Before you even start looking for a siding contractor, be sure you are already certain about what type of siding you want to be installed. Not all siding contractors work with all types of siding. Some specialize in only one type.
Now once you’ve finalized the type and color of siding you want to be installed, start hunting for a good contractor. Here are some street-smart tips and advice on how you can pull that off:

  • Check around your neighborhood for houses that have sidings that look perfectly installed. Use your neighborly charm and inquire. Chances are they’ve been installed by really good roofing and siding contractors. Before you know it, you have their phone number.
  • When shopping around for the siding materials you are going to use, try to inquire about installation quotes too, especially from the store where you buy your siding. Some stores offer discounts with the installation. Be wary, though, because some stores charge considerably more than what their installers do.
  • Get as many quotes as you can. About 3 to 4. This way, you can compare them and find out which one can give you more value out of your money.
  • Get recommendations from family, friends, and even your neighbors.
  • When gathering quotes from vinyl siding contractors to evaluate, make sure you give each bidding contractor the same specifications and job details (including the time frame you wish the project to be completed, how large your house is, and the type of siding material you’ll be asking them to install).
  • Consider three factors when evaluating quotes, bids, and estimates (in the following order): experience, price, testimonials (if any), and your impression. Experience matters. It’s up to you if you want to give the job to a beginner; however, if you’re not willing to risk the success of the installation, try to look for a more experienced one. Experience and expertise come before price because your goal is to get more value out of your money. What use is paying less for the installation if you’re not guaranteed that the siding is properly set up?
  • Be clear about the terms of the project. If there is old siding to be removed or debris to be cleaned out, be sure to let your bidding contractors know about it before they put in their bids or take on the project. Don’t surprise them with extra labor. Be a good employer.
  • If possible, when gathering quotes and estimates, have the contractor visit your house and inspect the site. This way, they’ll have a clear idea of your project.