Marble Tile – A Beautiful and Practical Option for Remodeling

Marble is a natural limestone that is formed over many years through pressure in the ground. The beautiful vein-like patterns that marble tile is known for are due to the type of minerals and the amounts present during formation; different patterns and colors form because of the different minerals. These variations give marble a very distinct quality and look. When marble floor tile is processed it is cut into the individual tiles and because of the way the stone is formed there are variations from tile to tile in pattern and slight shade. After the stone, it cut and polished it is checked for any small fissures in the stone that could affect its structural integrity. These fissures are then filled which helps to ensure the strength of the stone.

Marble has been used for hundreds of years and is seen as a very artistic and beautiful stone. It has been used in the past to make sculptures and monuments as well as flooring. This stone adds a whole new level of elegance and beauty to a home or business.

Marble tile is ideal for many household projects and is typically used in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and foyers both in commercial and residential areas. This versatile stone is beautiful and easy to maintain. When attempting marble tile cleaning it is important to use only warm water to clean the tiles. Vinegar, even though it is only mildly acidic can damage the stone. Also when cleaning the tile it is important that you wring out all extra water from the cleaning cloth and then dry the floors as you clean. Drying the tiles is important because marble spots easily. Also before mopping the tile it is important to vacuum or sweep the area to be cleaned so none of the dirt and grime on the floor gets rubbed into scratch the surface of the tile. Some other tips to make the tile go longer between cleanings are to take off your shoes when entering the house and also wear socks when walking on the tiles as the oils in your feet can also dirty the tile.

Marble can not only be used for flooring and other common household coverings, but it is still also used for an artistic appeal in many situations. Marble mosaic tile is an art decoration that originated in the 1960s where small pieces of marble in varying colors are used to create beautiful and intricate patterns.

If marble is a stone you are considering using in your home or business a marble tile store is a place for you to look. Also, factory direct buying is also an option for finding cheap marble tile that is also of good quality. The beautiful marble stone is ideal for use in a house or business and will definitely add a new layer of elegance to any setting.