Choosing Brick Siding for Your Home

Home maintenance and remodeling is a popular investment for homeowners. When remodeling, there are many choices to consider. One of the main choices to ponder is how to create the look you want. There are many options to choose from for the exterior of your home, one option being brick siding.
Brick House Siding:

This is a great choice for creating a unique look for your home. It has many benefits: it is very strong and durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and very easy to maintain. Another plus is that it does not have to be painted. It is a great insulator for your home by creating a barrier to the outside temperature and weather.

Even though brick doesn’t require much maintenance, it is a good idea to regularly apply a clear water-repellent coat since brick is porous, especially if you live in a rainy climate.

Brick siding is one of the more expensive siding choices. This can dissuade many from using it. For those that love the look of brick but feel they can’t afford it, there is an alternative and still have the look you desire. It is called brick veneer siding. This is a fake brick siding that is a manmade material that tends to be much lighter than brick. A benefit to brick veneer is that it comes in a variety of colors, different textures and patterns, and sizes. This siding is also very durable and long-lasting. It also has the look of brick, but without the high installation cost.

Different siding options: Brick vs. Vinyl siding

One of the very popular siding choices is vinyl. Some of the reasons are because of the fact that it comes in many different colors and textures, allowing homeowners to get the exact look they want. It is also very fast and easy to install. Vinyl can easily be installed over practically any previous house exterior, including putting the siding over brick. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to install brick siding over another surface that the home was originally designed with. Because of the difficulty, this type of siding is usually chosen when the home is first being built. This is one reason why it is less popular. Also, brick is more expensive than vinyl and other types of siding. It is, however, very durable to wind and other weather conditions- more durable than vinyl. Even though originally more expensive, because of its durability, lack of maintenance, and insulating features, homeowners save more money choosing this type of siding. It gives the home a classic look that can’t be found with vinyl.

Overall, brick siding is a great choice as an exterior to your home. It will last forever, doesn’t require hardly any maintenance, will save you money with bills, but best of all creates a unique look that you will love coming home to.