Is Travertine Tile Right for You?

Travertine tile is a popular choice in many household projects including bathrooms, flooring, and kitchen tiling projects. Travertine comes in a variety of finishes that enable the customer to pick the best finish for them.• Tumbled travertine: This type of travertine has a variety of sizes and colors which makes it versatile for a variety of projects.

• Chiseled and brushed travertine: this tile has a very classic look that provides a perfect solution for travertine tile flooring. Its rough edges and brownish tinge provide a versatile look.
• Honed and filled travertine: this type of travertine is ideal for the bathroom as well as the kitchen. This type of tile has a smooth satin finish where most of the holes are filled during the processing of the stone and therefore requires little maintenance.

As with any type of housing decision, there are many things to consider when determining if travertine floor tile is the way to go for your purposes. This type of tile is very aesthetically pleasing but has many practical advantages as well. One of the main advantages to using it is that if down the road you need to replace some travertine flooring tile then it is much easier to match than the conventional porcelain tile.

Travertine is also much easier to cut and shape without breaking it, which is an advantage for those awkward places that require anything other than the square shape. However, if you are someone looking to buy travertine tile then you have to take into account its maintenance and fragility. Travertine tiles are porous by nature, and as a result, liquids can cause permanent stains on the tiles. Sealants can be used, but are not a foolproof solution. Also, acidic materials can cause permanent stains as well, which will not allow you to use vinegar to clean the floor. The best solution when trying to keep your tile clean whether it is floor tile or travertine tile backsplash is to wipe up spills as they occur.

Travertine is still a great choice for the shower and floor tiling of your bathroom. Although it is a porous stone it is possible to obtain a sealer that will prevent the water from doing permanent damage to the stones. It is very important when buying and installing a travertine tile shower that you find a reputable installer who can guarantee that your tile will be protected from the ever-present water, especially when using it in your shower.

There are many different kinds of flooring options to choose from when you are remodeling or building a house, so it is important to do your research and determine what tiling option is best for you and your needs so that the option that is chosen will bring the best results for your completed project.

Construction Plans For Outdoor Fireplace

Many people are looking for outdoor fireplace construction plans so you are not alone. The style of building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits has caught on and everyone is having them. There are several plans, designs, and outdoor fireplace kits to select from. There are also various themes for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. The main thing is that all outdoor fireplaces and pits must conform to the rules of the area and there should be nothing illegal about them. You will get an idea of what sort of firebricks to use, what is the best ventilation, and which is a safe design.

There is not much difference between an outdoor fireplace and an indoor one. They are quite similar. The main difference is in the management of smoke. If you have a long and adequate chimney then there is no problem with the smoke.

Plans for the outdoor fireplace include deciding the pot to be used. A Mexican-style chimney pot called the chimenea is beautiful and can be used. A bowl-shaped base can be fitted with a tall chimney and you will not have to worry at all about any smoke problems. The chimney will circulate the air in the fire and throw out the smoke. You can use cast iron or aluminum for the fireplace and you can plan accordingly. There are several varieties and designs available and you can browse through the net or some good design books to get really good and interesting fireplace construction plans and designs.

Generally, fireplaces last a long time and last your whole lifetime. Hence the construction plans for a fireplace, whether indoors or outdoors, whether fire pits or fireplaces, have to be well thought of and well planned. You can get ready-made firebricks, fireguards, and the like and you can set up your own fireplace. You can plan a theme, in keeping with the theme of your house or you can plan according to the theme of your parties so that you can have an attractive fireplace.

You can also plan according to the location of the outdoor fireplace. If it is near a swimming pool, then the basic color of the fireplace has to be blue. If it is in your backyard and you have plenty of trees and plants, then you can have a green fireplace or fire pit. It is fun to plan and construct your own fireplace. It gives immense joy and satisfaction in a job well done.

Marble Tile – A Beautiful and Practical Option for Remodeling

Marble is a natural limestone that is formed over many years through pressure in the ground. The beautiful vein-like patterns that marble tile is known for are due to the type of minerals and the amounts present during formation; different patterns and colors form because of the different minerals. These variations give marble a very distinct quality and look. When marble floor tile is processed it is cut into the individual tiles and because of the way the stone is formed there are variations from tile to tile in pattern and slight shade. After the stone, it cut and polished it is checked for any small fissures in the stone that could affect its structural integrity. These fissures are then filled which helps to ensure the strength of the stone.

Marble has been used for hundreds of years and is seen as a very artistic and beautiful stone. It has been used in the past to make sculptures and monuments as well as flooring. This stone adds a whole new level of elegance and beauty to a home or business.

Marble tile is ideal for many household projects and is typically used in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and foyers both in commercial and residential areas. This versatile stone is beautiful and easy to maintain. When attempting marble tile cleaning it is important to use only warm water to clean the tiles. Vinegar, even though it is only mildly acidic can damage the stone. Also when cleaning the tile it is important that you wring out all extra water from the cleaning cloth and then dry the floors as you clean. Drying the tiles is important because marble spots easily. Also before mopping the tile it is important to vacuum or sweep the area to be cleaned so none of the dirt and grime on the floor gets rubbed into scratch the surface of the tile. Some other tips to make the tile go longer between cleanings are to take off your shoes when entering the house and also wear socks when walking on the tiles as the oils in your feet can also dirty the tile.

Marble can not only be used for flooring and other common household coverings, but it is still also used for an artistic appeal in many situations. Marble mosaic tile is an art decoration that originated in the 1960s where small pieces of marble in varying colors are used to create beautiful and intricate patterns.

If marble is a stone you are considering using in your home or business a marble tile store is a place for you to look. Also, factory direct buying is also an option for finding cheap marble tile that is also of good quality. The beautiful marble stone is ideal for use in a house or business and will definitely add a new layer of elegance to any setting.

Choosing Brick Siding for Your Home

Home maintenance and remodeling is a popular investment for homeowners. When remodeling, there are many choices to consider. One of the main choices to ponder is how to create the look you want. There are many options to choose from for the exterior of your home, one option being brick siding.
Brick House Siding:

This is a great choice for creating a unique look for your home. It has many benefits: it is very strong and durable, long-lasting, weather-resistant, and very easy to maintain. Another plus is that it does not have to be painted. It is a great insulator for your home by creating a barrier to the outside temperature and weather.

Even though brick doesn’t require much maintenance, it is a good idea to regularly apply a clear water-repellent coat since brick is porous, especially if you live in a rainy climate.

Brick siding is one of the more expensive siding choices. This can dissuade many from using it. For those that love the look of brick but feel they can’t afford it, there is an alternative and still have the look you desire. It is called brick veneer siding. This is a fake brick siding that is a manmade material that tends to be much lighter than brick. A benefit to brick veneer is that it comes in a variety of colors, different textures and patterns, and sizes. This siding is also very durable and long-lasting. It also has the look of brick, but without the high installation cost.

Different siding options: Brick vs. Vinyl siding

One of the very popular siding choices is vinyl. Some of the reasons are because of the fact that it comes in many different colors and textures, allowing homeowners to get the exact look they want. It is also very fast and easy to install. Vinyl can easily be installed over practically any previous house exterior, including putting the siding over brick. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to install brick siding over another surface that the home was originally designed with. Because of the difficulty, this type of siding is usually chosen when the home is first being built. This is one reason why it is less popular. Also, brick is more expensive than vinyl and other types of siding. It is, however, very durable to wind and other weather conditions- more durable than vinyl. Even though originally more expensive, because of its durability, lack of maintenance, and insulating features, homeowners save more money choosing this type of siding. It gives the home a classic look that can’t be found with vinyl.

Overall, brick siding is a great choice as an exterior to your home. It will last forever, doesn’t require hardly any maintenance, will save you money with bills, but best of all creates a unique look that you will love coming home to.

Street-Smart Tips and Advice On Finding A Siding Contractor

Before you even start looking for a siding contractor, be sure you are already certain about what type of siding you want to be installed. Not all siding contractors work with all types of siding. Some specialize in only one type.
Now once you’ve finalized the type and color of siding you want to be installed, start hunting for a good contractor. Here are some street-smart tips and advice on how you can pull that off:

  • Check around your neighborhood for houses that have sidings that look perfectly installed. Use your neighborly charm and inquire. Chances are they’ve been installed by really good roofing and siding contractors. Before you know it, you have their phone number.
  • When shopping around for the siding materials you are going to use, try to inquire about installation quotes too, especially from the store where you buy your siding. Some stores offer discounts with the installation. Be wary, though, because some stores charge considerably more than what their installers do.
  • Get as many quotes as you can. About 3 to 4. This way, you can compare them and find out which one can give you more value out of your money.
  • Get recommendations from family, friends, and even your neighbors.
  • When gathering quotes from vinyl siding contractors to evaluate, make sure you give each bidding contractor the same specifications and job details (including the time frame you wish the project to be completed, how large your house is, and the type of siding material you’ll be asking them to install).
  • Consider three factors when evaluating quotes, bids, and estimates (in the following order): experience, price, testimonials (if any), and your impression. Experience matters. It’s up to you if you want to give the job to a beginner; however, if you’re not willing to risk the success of the installation, try to look for a more experienced one. Experience and expertise come before price because your goal is to get more value out of your money. What use is paying less for the installation if you’re not guaranteed that the siding is properly set up?
  • Be clear about the terms of the project. If there is old siding to be removed or debris to be cleaned out, be sure to let your bidding contractors know about it before they put in their bids or take on the project. Don’t surprise them with extra labor. Be a good employer.
  • If possible, when gathering quotes and estimates, have the contractor visit your house and inspect the site. This way, they’ll have a clear idea of your project.